Palm Springs adds “steel homes” to it’s roster..

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Palm Springs innovative building

Trend setting is nothing new to those of us living in the Palm Springs Valley.  Architecturally, we have had a variety of different styles added to the housing in the Valley over the past century.  The mid-century Moderns with Frey and Wexler leading the pack, have added to Palm Springs’ alure amongst buyers looking for something different and special.  Well..we’ve got one more.

I have been reading about the “steel modern” homes for several years.  In Yucca Valley, there are two of Blue Sky’s prototypes and I love the idea that the builders and architects used the natural environment to enhance their homes.  The struggle is always to make the building of an eco-friendly home cost efficient and perhaps now, the steel homes may be ready for the main stream..

The Steel home hits Palm Springs..

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